Our services

Our team will work with you to develop and sustain scientific research and education programs to support learners from all backgrounds and walks of life. We can:

  • End-to-end support for experiential learner-centered research and education programs:
    • Help you to prepare proposals for undergraduate research experiences
    • Work with you to recruit diverse participants and build inclusive programs
    • Deliver workshops focused on building professional skills for success in STEMM fields
    • Create and administer instruments to measure, evaluate, and improve experiential research and education programs
  • Design and analysis of scientific research projects:
    • Work with you to design and pre-register observational and experimental protocols
    • Help you implement appropriate frequentist or Bayesian statistical analyses in R, Python, or Julia
    • Guide you through archiving data and code in accordance with FAIR guidelines
  • Science communication:
    • Technical editing and polishishing of grant proposals, technical papers, and monographs
    • Video editing and production of formal and informal presentations
  • Coach scientists at all levels through education and career transitions

Learn more about these and other services below

A photo of the students and mentors at an NSF REU site
End-to-end programmatic support for Undergraduate Research Experiences
A photo and link to workshops
Workshops to build scientific skills and for professional development
A photo and a link to recruitment
Recruiting diverse students for inclusive, experiential learner-led research programs
A photo and a link to evaluations
Evaluation and assessment of experiential research programs
A photo and a link to statistics
Design and analysis of research projects
A photo and a link to coaching services
Coaching scientists through educational and career transitions
A photo and a link to editing
Formal and informal science communication
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