Our Peer-reviewed Publications

Ward, E. G., K. B. O’Connell, A. Race, A. Alwin, A. Alwin, K. Cortijo-Robles, D. Esparza, A. Jolley, A. McDevitt, M. Patel, L. B. Prevost, S. Shaulskiy, X. A. Shinbro, K. Treibergs, M. Alvaro, & W. Sea. 2021. Affective learning outcomes in the field: a review of the 2021 Undergraduate Field Experiences Research Network Meeting. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 102 (4): e01920. [ Abstract | Reprint (pdf as published) ]

Ellison, A. M., A. A. Barker Plotkin, M. V. Patel, & S. Record. 2021. Broadening the ecological mindset. Ecological Applications 31 (6): e02347. [ Abstract | Reprint (pdf as published) | Read the entire Forum: The Diversity Challenge Confronts Ecology (pdf as published) ]

McDevitt, A. L., M. V. Patel, & A. M. Ellison. 2020. Lessons and recommendations from three decades as an NSF REU Site: a call for systems-based assessment. Ecology & Evolution 10 (6): 2710-2738.
Abstract | Reprint (pdf as published) | Datasets 123 (via the Environmental Data Initiative)]

McDevitt, A. L., M. V. Patel, B. Rose, and A. M. Ellison. 2016. Insights into student gains from undergraduate research using pre/post assessments. BioScience 66 (12): 1070-1078.
[ Abstract Reprint (pdf as published, including supplement) | Data and code (via the Environmental Data Initiative)]

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