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The Sound Solutions team were impeccable when it came to editing and polishing the video for our conference talk. That this effort spanned multiple contributors working in two languages, on two continents, and in three time zones was even more remarkable. The team guided us at every step of the way and provided guidance and incisive comments troughout the process. We’d hire them again in a minute!

Professor Charles C. Davis, Harvard University

Many thanks for the technical editing from the Sound Solutions team. It greatly improved my manuscript!

Dr. Dong Chen, Shaanxi Key Laboratory of Qinling Ecological Security

What we offer

Communicating the excitement we feel when we’re doing science and getting the word out about our latest findings and their broader importance is as relevant as writing proposals, designing experiments, and collecting and analyzing data. Our team can help you hone your message and reach your intendeded audiences by:

  • Technical editing your written material, including basic copy-editing, in-depth line-editing, or other technical editing and polishishing of grant proposals, technical papers, and monographs
  • Video editing and production of your still images, audio, and video clips into seamless presentations

Why work with us?

The team of active scientists at Sound Solutions for Sustainable Science works every day with a range of methods to communicate our science. We know that contemporary science communication ranges from instant and informal messaging laced with emojis and memes posted on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok, to more considered and formal communication of op-eds, posters and oral presentations to our colleagues at workshops and meetings, edited or peer-reviewed magazine and journal articles, and full-length monographs and books.

Because we work every day with most standard word-processing packages (e.g., Word, LibreOffice), LaTeX, InDesign, and HTML, we can work with your manuscript in most text-based formats and output it to specifications required by any publisher.

Because we create, edit, and produce videos using open-source ShotCut software, we can work with your material—image, audio, and video in most common formats—and output your video in a similarly wide range of formats, and from YouTube ready to super-high resolution.

Examples of our work

Two high-profile publications that we technically edited were published in 2022 (by Chen et al. published in Restoration Ecology, and by Davis published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution).

How much does it cost?

Copy-editing, line-editing, or other technical editing of proposal or manuscripts, and video editing and production are billed at a fixed hourly rate (with a five-hour minimum).

Contact us for detailed scopes of work and fees

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