Communicating Scientific Knowledge (three-session workshop)

Overview: Scientists need to communicate their research, but effective communication is rarely taught in science courses. Like any other skill, communicating science is best learned and refined through practice, feedback and critique, and more practice. Participating in an intensive workshop is a practical and effective way to develop your science-communication skills.

Description: We offer a three-session, interactive workshop in communicating scientific knowledge to peers and colleagues at meetings, symposia, and conferences. This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning formal skills of writing and presenting scientific research. This workshop will be especially useful if you are currently working on a research project or plan to present your work in the near future, because you will be able to immediately apply the skills you will learn.

Details: The workshop consists of three 90-minute group sessions sequentially focused on:

  1. Writing abstracts. Summing up your research in 200 words and a tweet
  2. Preparing and delivering talks. Strategies for success in live, hybrid, and virtual meetings
  3. Preparing and presenting posters. Optimizing potential for interactions

In between sessions, participants will write abstracts, create draft talks and posters, and receive feedback from the instructors.

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